Ceramics (M)

Ceramics (M)

This training programme is primarily a studio based one where practical lessons will be offered. That means, we spend the majority of our time involved in the creative process. From use as a building material, in pottery, for treating human digestive ailments to a multitude of industrial uses, clay is a key ingredient in the material world we live in. The primary emphasis is on studio work, leading to the understanding of different pottery and ceramic cultures and most importantly, leading to a portfolio of finished pieces by the end of the term as a result of the acquisition of basic skills in pottery and ceramics.   Learning Goals Exploring the potential of the learner using clay as a medium Acquiring the understanding of basic knowledge in pottery and ceramics Demonstrating creative abilities through the use of the medium Demonstrating basic class conduct, indicating a willingness to help others learn within a conducive environment   Topics for this term will include: Introduction to the material, where it is coming from, how it was formed, how it is gathered, early methods for forming clay, forming bowls and cylinders, trimming and burnishing on the wheel. Other processes of making objects such as sculpture with clay, slab construction, basic techniques in tile making, and slip casting. In addition, will learning the texturing of clay, colouring of clay, introduction to the use of decorative techniques including glazes. Introduction to the making of clay forms/objects permanent i.e. firing methods used pottery and ceramics.  

Learning Outcomes

 By the end of the 10 weeks, you will demonstrate basic competencies in the use of clay in making basic hand built ceramic forms.    

Your Tutor

Katy McDonald is a practicing artist, interested in using a combination of different, often traditional methods and techniques to produce contemporary outcomes. Her work is influenced by various street artists and also shapes, patterns and growths seen in nature and decay. She is inspired by the transition of scuplture and street art escaping the gallery to develop a new life and a new audience outside the conventional exhibition environment. Katy has a passion for working with clay and helping students progress with this medium while developing their ideas and projects.   For further information on your tutor and her artistic practice please visit katymcdonaldart.weebly.com


A notebook and pen to take notes of the process, some print-outs of ceramic work you like, whether that be sculptural or functional. If you have initial sketches, no matter how rough, please bring these along too.


Tuition fees: £110.00
Materials Costs: £16.00
Total Cost: £126.00


No. of sessions: 10

Day Date Times
Mon 16/01/2017 19:00-21:00
Mon 23/01/2017 19:00-21:00
Mon 30/01/2017 19:00-21:00
Mon 06/02/2017 19:00-21:00
Mon 20/02/2017 19:00-21:00
Mon 27/02/2017 19:00-21:00
Mon 06/03/2017 19:00-21:00
Mon 13/03/2017 19:00-21:00
Mon 20/03/2017 19:00-21:00
Mon 27/03/2017 19:00-21:00

Your next step

Pay by credit or debit card over the telephone. Please call the Adult Education Office on 01223 278002 Monday to Thursday 9am to 7pm and Friday 9am to 4pm during term time and Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm out of term time.

Pay by cheque, made payable to Hills Road Sixth Form College. Please send you cheque together with a completed enrolment form, which you can find by clicking on ‘How to Enrol’ on the left hand side, to the Adult Education Office, Hills Road Sixth Form College, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 8PE. Please enclose a SAE if you require a receipt.

Please note full refunds can only be made if a class is cancelled or closed at the discretion of the College, or if you cancel your enrolment no less than two weeks before the course starts.