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Theatre charges


Item descriptionQuantityDaily hireWeekly hire
Zero 88 Serius 48 DMX512 (output)1£30.00£70.00
DMX Lighting Control Cable (DMX 512 XLR5)15m  
DMX Lighting Control Cable (DMX 512 XLR5)13m  
DMX Lighting Control Cable (DMX 512 XLR5)5m  
Act 6 Mulitmux 24x2K flightcased rack 63amp fed by 3 phase Cform plug2£30.00£60.00
Zero 88 Demultiplexer2  
Zero 88 Act 66  
3 phase mains connector1£5.00£10.00
Act 6 6 way analogue desk1£5.00£10.00
Tecpro power supply1£5.00£10.00
Tecpro Belt-packs6£2.00£3.00
Tecpro Headsets6£2.00£3.00
Le Maitre pyros system 2 channel plus flash box1£5.00£8.00
Pyro Lead, 10 Meters2£0.50£0.70
Cantata 1200W Followspots2£14.00£20.00
13A to 63A Single Phase Adapters3£1.50£2.00

Please phone Ian Cutting on 01223 247251 Ext 1245 or email for more details and possible discounts.