The Corporation

The Corporation has overall responsibility for the mission, direction, solvency and future development of the College. To assist in this process the Corporation regularly receives a wide range of reports, including teaching and finance, and works closely with the senior management team, whom it is responsible for appointing.

Members:  Hazel Borrett (Parent), Peter Brindle, Edmund Brookes, Vivien Brownlee (Staff), Jonathan Culpin, Ian Harvey (Staff), Laragh Jeanroy, Edna Murphy (Senior Vice Chair), Johnnie Sam (Vice chair), David Secher,  Linda Sinclair, Peter Southwick (Chair), Julie Taylor, Frankie Williams

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Next meeting: 03.12.14 Agendas Minutes

Audit Committee

Advises on the audit arrangements and systems of internal control.
Members:  Laragh Jeanroy (Chair), Julie Taylor (Vice chair), Peter Brindle, Jonathan Culpin, David Secher

Next meeting: 25 February 2015 Agendas Minutes

Search and Governance Committee

Advises on the appointment of members of the Corporation and other matters relating to membership.

Members:  Johnnie Sam (Chair), Edmund Brookes (Vice chair), Edna Murphy, Linda Sinclair, Peter Southwick, Frankie Williams

Next meeting: 28 January 2015  Agendas Minutes

Remuneration Committee

Advises on matters relating to the terms and conditions of employment and appraisal of the senior management team and the Clerk to the Corporation and the remuneration structure for all other employees.

Members:  Edna Murphy (Chair), Edmund Brookes (Vice chair), Johnnie Sam, Peter Southwick
Next meeting: 20.05.15