The Corporation

The Corporation has overall responsibility for the mission, direction, solvency and future development of the College. To assist in this process the Corporation regularly receives a wide range of reports, including reports on student outcomes and the student experience, and on finance. It works closely with the senior management team, whom it is responsible for appointing.

Members:  Peter Brindle (Senior Vice Chair), Simon Cox, John Cross, Alistair Day, Tony Minson (Chair), Anna Moore (Staff), Helen O'Dell-Miller, Anthony Omo, Ian Pryer (Staff) Johnnie Sam (Vice chair), Julie Taylor (Vice Chair), Lesley Ann Thompson (Parent), Jo Trump (Principal), Frankie Williams

Audit Committee

Advises on the audit arrangements and systems of internal control.
Members:  Laragh Jeanroy (Independent Chair), Julie Taylor (Vice chair), Simon, Cox, John Cross, Lizzie Hill. Helen Odell-Miller, Anthony Omo.

Search and Governance Committee

Advises on the appointment of members of the Corporation and, advised by the Clerk to the Corporation, other matters relating to governance.

Members:  Johnnie Sam (Chair), Tony Minson, Jo Trump, Frankie Williams.

How to contact the Corporation (the Governors)

Please send any message of interest or concern to the Corporation to Robert Smith, Clerk to the Corporation, by either sending an email to: or by post to: Hills Road Sixth Form College, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PE.

If the message concerns the Clerk to the Corporation please send a hard copy addressed to: Tony Minson, Chair of the Corporation, Hills Road Sixth Form College, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PE.
In this event please mark the envelope Strictly Private and Confidential: to be opened by the addressee only.