Your Questions Answered

  • Expand 1. How and when do I apply to Hills Road?

  • Expand 2. Where do Hills Road students come from, and do you still prioritise ‘in-area’ applicants ahead of ‘out-area’ applicants?

  • Expand 3. Will I be invited for a guidance meeting? (previously called interviews)

  • Expand 4. What are the entry requirements?

  • Expand 5. How many subjects will I take, and how many should I include on my application?

  • Expand 6. How should I choose my subjects?

  • Expand 7. Am I to likely to receive an offer if I satisfy your entry requirements?

  • Expand 8. What happens if I apply, but I am not offered a place?

  • Expand 9. What happens if I am offered a place but do not achieve my estimated grades?

  • Expand 10. How many Enrichment activities can I take and when will these take place?

  • Expand 11. I have a special educational need or disability. What support would be available for me?

  • Expand 12. Is there any financial assistance or transport provision available?

  • Expand 13. When will students enrol at the College for courses in 2019?

  • Expand 14. When will I take the examinations for my subjects?

  • Expand 15. Will I get advice about applying to University and alternative options?

If you have a query that was not answered at Open Evening then please contact the Admissions Team via: (including your telephone number in case this is the most appropriate way for us to respond).