Student Awards

Each year we ask our staff to nominate students to receive awards in one or more of the following categories:

Commitment Awarded for an outstanding attitude to learning and/or an exceptional contribution to the work of the department
All-round achievement
Awarded in recognition of an outstanding overall A-level performance
High achievement
Awarded to the highest achievers in each subject

We would like to congratulate the leavers listed below on the excellent contribution they have made to the College community over the last two years. In recognition of this, they have received the following awards:

 Student Name: Award 
 Evren Uygun  The Principal’s Prize
 Outstanding commitment in Government & Politics
 Alfie Coulstock-Cockeram  The Old Cantabrigian Society Prize
 All-round achievement
 Outstanding commitment in English Language & Literature and Theatre Studies
 Tom Murray  The Old Cantabrigian Society Centenary Prize
 Outstanding commitment in Theatre Studies and to the Performing Arts department
 Alexia Sloane  The Old Cantabrigian Society Centenary Prize
 Arjun Tapasvi  The Old Cantabrigian Society War Memorial Prize
 All-round achievement           
 Hannah Lin  The Old Cantabrigian Society Layng Prize
 All-round achievement
 Outstanding commitment in Biology
 Finn Jarvis  The Colin Greenhalgh Prize for Leadership and Service
  All-round achievement and outstanding commitment in  Classical Civilisation and Latin
 Shannon Li  The Association of Parents and Friends’ Prize 
 Josh Holland  The Association of Parents and Friends’ Prize 
 High achievement in Computer Science
 Outstanding commitment to the Robotics Team and  'RoboCon 2018'
 Tamara El-Halawani  The Virtute et Fide School Lodge Award
 Lottie Reeder  The Hill Prize 
 Tess Jackson  The College Award for all-round achievement and commitment in Music
 All-round achievement
 Emy Adamson  The Maurice Broomfield Prize for commitment in     Photography 
 Sam Allen  Outstanding commitment in Geography
 Rhianna Andrews  High achievement in Sociology 
 Benjamin Arkle  All-around achievement
 Florence Austin  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Joe Barfield  Outstanding commitment in fast-track Film Studies
 Annalie Barker  All-round achievement 
 Theo Barnett  High achievement in Latin, French and Fine Art
 Naomi Barrett-Thoburn  High achievement in Film Studies
 Alice Belham  All-round achievement
 Lidia Berthon  All-round achievement
 Julie Betegh  Outstanding commitment in German
 Lucy Bett  All-round achievement
 Outstanding commitment to College Music
 Issac Beynon  All-round achievement
 Lola Bianchi  Outstanding commitment in Psychology
 Anna Bithell  High achievement in Film Studies
 Duncan Bogie  All-round achievement
 Poppy Bootman  Outstanding commitment in Geography
 Mary Borrett  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Holly Bowie  All-round achievement
 Nicole Bradford  Outstanding commitment in Physical Education
 Gustav Brincat  High achievement and commitment in Philosophy
 High achievement in English Literature
 Dorothy Brooke  High achievement in German
 Kathryn Bullough  All-round achievement
 Sophia Cano  High achievement in History of Art
 Matt Chandler  High achievement in Media Studies
 Caitlin Chapman  The Richard Hathway Award for high achievement in  Drama and Theatre Studies
 Katherine Chapman  Outstanding commitment in Biology
 Finlay Charlesworth  Outstanding commitment in English Literature
 Nathan Choat  Outstanding commitment in English Language and     Literature
 Lara Ciulli  High achievement in Drama and Theatre Studies
 Louis Clarke  All-round achievement
 Samuel Clarke  All-round achievement
 Richard Coleman  All-round achievement
 Alex Collett-Sinfield  High achievement and commitment in Music    Technology
 Outstanding commitment in Music
 Sabrina Collier  All-round achievement
 Outstanding commitment in Biology
 Gianna Cooper  Outstanding commitment in German
 Ashleigh Cornwell  High achievement and commitment in Dance
 Millie Cotton  High achievement in Spanish
 Clare Crosland  High achievement in Film Studies
 Joe Crump  High achievement in Geology
 Flora Davison  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Charlotte Day  All-round achievement
 Georgia Delaune  Outstanding commitment in Biology
 Shelby De Rond  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Amy Dolphin Outstanding commitment in History of Art
 Lina El Daly  High achievement in Government & Politics
 Howa Elhewihey  High achievement in Religious Studies
 Angelica Emery-Rhowbotham  High achievement in Classical Civilisation
 Victoria Ewers  High achievement and commitment in English Language and Psychology
 Chloe Farrer  High achievement in Economics and the Extended Project
 Noah Field  High achievement in Geology
 Charlotte Fincham  Outstanding commitment to the promotion of the LGBT+ Society
 Mark Fleck  All-round achievement
 Isabel Fleming  Outstanding commitment in History
 Kitty Foster  All-round achievement
Outstanding commitment in Biology
 Emma Foster  High achievement in Religious Studies
 Marcus Gaiser-Porter  All-round achievement
 Lottie Gale  High achievement in Latin
 Joel Gallery  All-round achievement
 Outstanding commitment in Art & Design
 Elizabeth Gardner  High achievement in Physical Education
 Christian Gaskin  Outstanding commitment in English Language
 Adele Gisby  High achievement in Latin
 Archie Godfrey  Outstanding commitment in Media Studies
 Jamie Gooding  All-round achievement
 Outstanding commitment in Physics
 Hannah Gosling  All-round achievement 
 Outstanding commitment in English Literature
 Jemima Gravatt  High achievement in History of Art
 Eilidh Greener  High achievement in Dance
 Louisa Hall  High achievement in Photography
 Oliver Hancock  Outstanding commitment in English Language & Literature
 Raisa Haque  High achievement in Geography
 Waqas Haque  All-round achievement
 Emily Hart  High achievement in Spanish
 Charlotte Heavey   High achievement in Photography
 Zara Higginson  Outstanding commitment in Business Studies
 Poppy Hodges  High achievement in Media Studies
 Lizzy Howells  Outstanding commitment in Computer Science
 Maya Humphries  All-round achievement
 Inigo Hunnable  High achievement in History and Government & Politics
 Bethany Hunter  Outstanding commitment in fast-track Film Studies
 Liv Hyde  Sportswoman of the Year
 Jonathan Innes  High achievement in Computer Science
 Thomas Jarvis  High achievement in Philosophy
 Yasmine Jennings  All-round achievement
 Jade Jesty  All-round achievement
 Outstanding commitment in History
 Ilhaam Kahn Blunden  High achievement in Classical Civilisation
 Maayan Kershenbaum  Outstanding commitment in Philosophy
 Dan Kerwin  Outstanding commitment in History
 Otis Kingsman  Outstanding commitment to the College community and in Film Studies
 Maya Kitay  Outstanding commitment in Music
 Malibu Langley  High achievement in Dance
 Danielle Latter  High achievement in Physical Education
 Angela Le  Outstanding commitment in Spanish
 Caitriona Leedham  All-round achievement
 Joe Lever  All-round achievement
 Outstanding commitment in Mathematics
 Joseph Lewis  High achievement in History
 Naomi Lomax  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Theodore Long  Outstanding commitment to Equality & Diversity
 Chris Lush  Outstanding commitment in Biology
 Thomas Lyne  All-round achievement
 Finlay Macgregor  All-round achievement
 Joshua Mannall  All-round achievement
 Helen Markus  High achievement in Philosophy
 Lucy Masdin  High achievement in Geography
 Tolu Matesun  The Harvard Book Award
 Outstanding commitment in French and Economics
 Alexander Mattin  High achievement in Geology
 Francesca Mawson  All-round achievement
 Ryan McMahon  High achievement in Religious Studies
 Connie Mead  High achievement in Business Studies
 Louise Miller  All-round achievement
 Anna Morris  High achievement and commitment in History
 High achievement in Psychology and the Extended    Project
 Shannon Morris-Oldfield  Outstanding commitment to the promotion of the  LGBT+ Society
 Lottie Moss  Outstanding commitment in Psychology and fast-track Film Studies
 Max Murphy  High achievement in Music Technology
 Wasim Mustafa  Outstanding commitment in Chemistry
 Phoenix Nchang  Outstanding commitment to the Cheerleading Team – Team of the Year
 Emily Newberry  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Hannah Okechukwu  All-round achievement
 Isobel Packwood  All-round achievement
 Brigitte Parnham  Outstanding commitment in Computer Science
 Alex Pearson  High achievement in Physical Education
 Meewanage Peiris  All-round achievement
 Xinwei Peng  All-round achievement
 Adam Pennington  The Arthur Pickett Award for Drama
 Outstanding commitment in Theatre Studies and Music
 Tom Percival  Outstanding commitment in Spanish
 Benedict Pery  High achievement in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Music
 Charity Pickup  All-round achievement
 Georgie Pyne  Outstanding commitment in German
 Izzy Rees  Outstanding commitment to the Feminist Society
 Blair Reid  Outstanding commitment to College Sport
 Rebecca Revie  All-round achievement
 Clara Ryen  Outstanding commitment in Chemistry
 Yuta Saady  All-round achievement
 Farbod Salamat-Zadeh  High achievement in Computer Science
 Outstanding commitment to College Music
 Izzie Salter  High achievement in English Literature
 Benjamin Sewell  All-round achievement
 Zachary Shane  All-round achievement
 Jonathan Shapiro  High achievement in Fine Art
 Alexander Shtyrov  All-round achievement
 Megan Simpson  High achievement in Geography
 Kimberly Sisneros  High achievement in Business Studies
 Anna Smith  High achievement in Photography
 Louise Smith-Litiere  All-round achievement 
 Jade Steward  High achievement in Business Studies
 Lydia Stonehouse  High achievement and commitment in Fine Art
 Benjamin Summer  High achievement in History
 Katie Thompson  Outstanding commitment in Psychology
 Calum Thornton High achievement in Spanish
 Outstanding commitment in History
 Samuel Thorpe  High achievement in Music Technology
 Nick Threadgold  The Emma Clements Prize for high achievement and  commitment in French
 All-round achievement
 Outstanding commitment in History
 Esther Tun  High achievement in English Language
 Outstanding commitment in fast-track Film Studies
 Charlotte Vertz   High achievement and commitment in fast-track Film Studies
 Outstanding commitment in Psychology
 Robert Vickers  All-round achievement
 Alexander Walker  All-round achievement
 Orly Welch  High achievement in English Language and Literature
 Outstanding commitment in Government & Politics
 Theo Westrip  High achievement in Economics
 Riana White  Outstanding commitment in Theatre Studies and to the Performing Arts Department
 Sophie Wilkinson  Outstanding commitment in Psychology
 Ben Wilkinson  Outstanding commitment to the Theatre Tech team
 Dominic Wills   High achievement in Music
 Yvonne Winterborn  All-round achievement
 Lorena Wright de La  Cal  High achievement in Spanish
 Oliver Wyatt  Outstanding Commitment in Theatre Studies and to the  Performing Arts Department
 Imogen Wymer  High achievement in French