Student Awards

Each year we ask our staff to nominate students to receive awards in one or more of the following categories:

Commitment Awarded for an outstanding attitude to learning and/or an exceptional contribution to the work of the department
All-round achievement
Awarded in recognition of an outstanding overall A-level performance
High achievement
Awarded to the highest achievers in each subject

We would like to congratulate the leavers listed below on the excellent contribution they have made to the College community over the last two years. In recognition of this, they have received the following awards:

 Student Name: Award 
 Frances Steele  The Principal’s Prize
 Domas Kalvaitis  The Old Cantabrigian Society Prize
 Abbey Maclure  The Old Cantabrigian Society Centenary Prize
 Emily Thomas  The Old Cantabrigian Society Centenary Prize
 Gareth Nunns  The Old Cantabrigian Society War Memorial Prize           
 Iona Young The Old Cantabrigian Society Layng Prize
 Alice French  The Colin Greenhalgh Prize for Leadership and Service 
 Luke Fitzgerald  The Association of Parents and Friends’ Prize 
 Caroline Worster  The Association of Parents and Friends’ Prize 
 Darren D'Souza  The ‘Virtute et Fide’ Masonic Lodge Annual Charity 
 Gianamar Giovannetti-
 The Hill Prize 
 Marcus Dawe  The College Award for Music
 Sarah Alcock  High achievement in The Extended Project
 Mayce Al-Hroub

 High achievement in Performance Studies

 Harriet Ahsworth  Richard Hathaway Award for high achievement in Drama & Theatre Studies and commitment to departmental productions
 Karina Atudosie  High achievement in Classical Civilisation and Philosophy 
 Leah Ayliffe  High achievement and commitment in Film Studies
 Lucy Baker  High achievement in Psychology
 Jonah Balmford

 Outstanding contribution to the College 

 Phoebe  Beckett Chingono  High achievement in Dance
 Ryan Bell-Berry  Commitment in Music Technology
 Claudia Bisutti  High achievement in English Language
 Oliver Black  All-round achievement 
 Anna Blunt  High achievement in English Language 
 Commitment in Psychology 
 Angela Boyle  High achievement in History and Spanish
 Commitment in Philosophy
 Blythe Brett  Arthur Pickett Award for commitment in Drama and Theatre Studies
High achievement in Art and the Extended Project
 Ashley Brice  All-round achievement
 Ellie Brierly  High achievement in History of Art
 Billy Brooke  Commitment in Classical Civilisation
 Adam Broughton  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Joe Bryant  Commitment in French and Spanish
 Alice Buckingham  All-round achievement 
 Commitment in Biology
 Anne-Lucie Bugain  Commitment in Spanish
 Saskia Burr  High achievement in Classical Civilisation and
 Performance Studies
 Matthew Butt  High achievement in History
 Madalena Byrne Temudo
 De Castro

 All-round achievement

 Yuran Cao  All-round achievement
 Eve Caroe  All-round achievement
 Chloe Cartwright  Commitment in Art & Design
 Jasmine Ceccarelli-Drewry  Outstanding contribution to the College
 High achievement in Art & Design 
 Emily Chadwick

 Commitment in Sociology

 John Chisham  High achievement in Media Studies 
 Commitment to College Drama
 Anthea Chui  All-round achievement 
 High achievement in Biology and Philosophy
 Sarah Coates  All-round achievement 
 High Achievement in Geology
 Commitment in Geography and Geology
 Daniel Collard  High achievement in Accounting
 Katherine Cook  All-round achievement
 Joanna Cooper  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Torin Cooper-Bennun  Commitment to Robotics 
 Claire Cormie  Commitment in Music
 Tara Cross  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Niamh Currie-Smith  High achievement in Dance
 Darren D'Souza  Outstanding commitment to The Phoenix newspaper
 Commitment in Psychology
 Brandon Dansie  All-round achievement 
 George Darroch  High achievement in Mathematics and Further
 Emily Dee  High achievement in Archaeology
 Commitment in History and Archaeology
 Thomas Denney  All-round achievement
 High achievement in Computing
 Connor Difranco  High achievement in Economics
 Maria Dixon  All-round achievement 
 Sarah Dobler  High achievement in Photography 
 Jamie Doorbar  High achievement in World Development 
 Charlotte Doswell  Commitment in College Drama
 Lucie Drayton  High achievement in French
 James Earnshaw  High achievement in Mathematics
 Samuel Elliott

 High achievement in the Extended Project

 Claire Essex  All-round achievement 
 Edwin Fennell  All-round achievement
 Artur Fernades  All-round achievement
 High achievement in Spanish 
 Ellie Field  Commitment to College Sport
 Luke Fitzgerald  All-round achievement
 High achievement in Music
 Commitment in History
 Luke Fowles  All-round achievement 
 Claudia Fraser  All-round achievement
 Lora Frayling  All-round achievement
 Victoria Freedman  All-round achievement
 High achievement in Biology
 Georgia Freeman-Mills  All-round achievement 
 Alice French  Commitment in History
 Emily Fuller  Sportswoman of the Year
 Tori Gibbons  Commitment in Biology
 Ellie Gilbert  Commitment in History 
 Ruby Gilespie  High achievement in Film Studies
 Molly Gilroy  All-round achievement 
 High achievement in Media Studies
 Gianamar Giovannetti-Singh  All-round achievement
 High achievement in the Extended Project
 Charlotte Graham  All-round achievement
 Dylan Growcroot  Commitment in English and Psychology
 Kendal Hall  Commitment in Psychology
 Lawrence Harper-Scott  High achievement in Business Studies
 Commitment in Physical Education  
 Eleanor Harrison  High achievement in Archaeology
 Elspeth Hennessey  High achievement in English Language and Literature
 Katja Holtz  Commitment in Psychology
 Eleanor Hubbard  High achievement in Performance Studies
 Lucy Huckle  High achievement and Commitment in Government
 and Politics
 Robin Huedepohl  High achievement in German and Psychology
 Jasmine Hughes  High achievement in Use of Mathematics
 Commitment in English Language and Art 
 Samuel Humphrey  All-round achievement
 Phoebe Hyde  Commitment in Spanish
 Charlotte Ingle  High achievement in Religious Studies
 Alison Jackson  High achievement and commitment in Geology
 Nia Jones  High achievement in Geography
 Joshua Joyce  All-round achievement
 High achievement in the Extended Project and
 commitment in Biology
 Domas Kalvaitis  All-round achievement
 High achievement in Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and the Extended Project
 Hanna Kelly  Commitment in Media Studies
 Fiona Kendall  All-round achievement
 Aamina Khalid  Commitment in Economics
 Hannah Kirkham  All-round achievement
 High achievement and commitment in English Literature and Film Studies
 Elizabeth Knowles  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Ramganesh Lakshman  All-round achievement
 Murray Lewis  Outstanding contribution to the College
 Kaifeng Liang  All-round achievement
 David Lipson  High achievement in Music Technology 
 Luca Love  Sportsman of the Year 
 Abbey Maclure  Outstanding commitment to The Phoenix newspaper
 Divyansh Manocha  All-round achievement
 Ana Manzar  Commitment in Chemistry
 Catriona Marriot  Commitment in French
 James McCubbin  All-round achievement
 Commitment in Biology and Physics
 Kate McGrath  High achievement in Psychology
 Commitment in Geography
 Alastair McNamara  High achievement in English Language and Literature
 Adam Mellul  All-round achievement
 Cathryn Michaels  All-round achievement
 Alex Milne  High achievement and commitment in Dance
 Avinash Mocherla  All-round achievement
 Alex Moor  Outstanding contribution to the student community
 Molly Moston  High achievement in History of Art
 Heather Murray  The Richard Hathway Award for Drama
 Isabelle Newsham  All-round achievement
 High achievement in Computing
 Lydia Newton  All-round achievement
 Peter Noble  Commitment in Computing
 Benjamin Norman  High achievement in Physics
 Gareth Nunns  Outstanding commitment to filming and photographing College events
 Amy Nyiri  Commitment in Geography
 Mateusz Ochal  All-round achievement
 High achievement in the Extended Project
 Commitment in Computing
 Joshua Oliver  High achievement in Geography
 Hanif Osman  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Catherine Owen  Commitment to College Sport
 Luke Pate  All-round achievement
 High achievement in Economics
 Alysha Patel  Commitment in History
 James Paterson  All-round achievement
 Abigail Peake  All-round achievement
 Charlotte Pearce  High achievement in Religious Studies
 Lauren Pettit  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Holly Phipps  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Jack Pinnington  All-round achievement
 Harriet Potter  All-round achievement
 Megan Pulford  High achievement in World Development
 Xi Quah  All-round achievement
 Marcus Quantrill  All-round achievement
 Nelima Rahman  Commitment in Religious Studies
 Ellie Raine  Outstanding contribution to the student community
 Charlotte Read  Commitment to College Music
 Joseph Reynolds  High achievement in Music
 Emma Rhodes  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Jay Richardson  All-round achievement
 Clement Robin  All-round achievement
 Jessie Romain  Commitment in Dance
 Fabien Ruthven  The Emma Clements Prize for high achievement and commitment in French  
 All-round commitment
 High achievement in German
 Akanksha Satpall  High achievement in Accounting and Mathematics
 Timothy Savill  All-round achievement
 High achievement in Mathematics
 Max Schwiening  All-round achievement
 Daniel Shears  High achievement in Sociology
 Caitlin Shortall  High achievement in Business Studies
 Alan Slatter  All-round achievement
 High achievement in Electronics
 Zoe Slattery  All-round achievement
 High achievement in Mathematics and Electronics
 George Smith  Commitment in College Drama
 Harriet Smith  Commitment in College Music
 Charlotte Srahan  High achievement in Government and Politics
 Frances Steele  High achievement and commitment in Physical Education
 Andrew Stemp  All-round achievement
 Lauren Sutcliffe  All-round achievement
 High achievement in English Literature, Latin and the Extended Project
 Georgina Sutton  Commitment in Business Studies
 Natasha Taylor  Commitment in Latin
 Emily Thomas  Outstanding commitment to The Phoenix newspaper
 Sunke Trace-Kleeberg  Commitment in College Sport
 James van der Pol  All-round achievement
 Kartick Vira  The Harvard Book Prize for all-round achievement  and commitment in History and Economics  
 Jonny Virgo  Commitment in Economics
 Jessica Walton  All-round achievement
 High achievement in Chemistry and the Extended Project
 Zak Watt  All-round achievement
 Joseph Weavers  All-round achievement
 Samuel Weinberger  High achievement in Latin
 Commitment in French
 Oliver Wightwick  All-round achievement 
 Claire Wilson  High achievement in Physical Education
 Oliver Wilson  Commitment in Business Studies and Economics
 Steph Wilson  Commitment in Theatre Studies and Performance Studies 
 Flora Wilson Brown  High achievement and commitment in Drama and Theatre Studies
 Gavin Winterborn  High achievement in Music Technology
 Robert Winup  High achievement in Music Technology
 Hal Woodhouse  The Maurice Broomfield Prize for high achievement and commitment in Photography  
 Caroline Worster  All-round achievement 
 Commitment in College Music
 Daniel Youles  Commitment in Economics
 Sixian Zhao  All-round achievement 
 High achievement in Mathematics