Your Questions Answered - Student Support

  • Expand How does the tutorial system work?

  • Expand How are students helped to adjust to Advanced Level study?

  • Expand How do you help students to organise their work?

  • Expand How do you help students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities?

  • Expand How does the College monitor the progress of students and inform parents?

  • Expand How is progress measured and how are assessments made?

  • Expand What arrangements are made when staff are absent from College?

  • Expand Will the Student Serivces Team or the tutor contact me if there are problems?

  • Expand Should I contact the tutor if I am worried about my daughter’s or son’s progress?

  • Expand How can I support my son/daughter’s transition to advanced level study?

  • Expand Are there any circumstances in which I might be asked to pay examination fees?

  • Expand What will the timetable be for my daughter or son?

  • Expand What about safeguarding and child protection?

  • Expand What to do should things go wrong?

If you have a query about Student Support at Hills Road please sent an email to (including your telephone number in case this is the most appropriate way to respond).