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Welcome to Parents

Our Mission statement
The College aims to provide an education distinguished by opportunity, quality and achievement for all our students within a caring college community.

We value and encourage the involvement of parents in helping us to support students throughout their time at the College. While we expect students to accept responsibility for their own learning and academic progress, we recognise that a successful partnership with parents is vital to the success of our students and the College will liaise with parents accordingly, taking into account the needs of individual students.

To encourage your involvement we expect to provide:
  • an early opportunity for you to visit the College to meet your daughter’s/son’s tutor
  • electronic communication information via the email address/es supplied during enrolment
  • annual invitation to students’ progress review
  • regular progress statements as part of student progress review via email
  • prompt consultation with you if we need to discuss your daughter’s/son’s progress
  • representation and the opportunity for involvement through the Association of Parents and Friends
  • representation on the corporate governing body through the Parent Governor and Chair of the Association of Parents and Friends.
To help us, we ask you to:
  • encourage your daughter or son to follow the Code of Conduct and expectations as outlined in their Student Planner.
  • inform us if you become concerned about your daughter’s or son’s progress
  • inform us of changes in personal circumstances (address/telephone number or domestic circumstances, etc.)
  • contact us to inform us of an unplanned absence expected to last more than two days
  • avoid any holidays in term-time
  • respond promptly to College communications
  • attend progress review consultations (February 6th – 9th 2018)

Student Services

The initial point of contact to access information is through our Student Services Team – please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful team. The team are available from 8.30am – 4.30pm by email at

They will be able to help you with all current student issues and advise you on matters large and small from lockers and lab coats to academic worries or pastoral concerns

Main College reception is open from 8.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00am to 5.00pm on Friday during term time; there is an answerphone so that messages may be left when Reception is closed or when the phone lines are busy. Reception staff can also help you with most queries and will direct your call appropriately, they can be contacted on 01223 247251.

Student Support - Your Questions Answered

Reporting Absence

Please note that any routine medical and dental appointments should be made outside timetabled lesson times. It is understood that some specialist clinics allow slim flexibility regarding appointment times, but the expectation is that very little lesson time should be missed for medical appointments other than those for which there is no choice available.

In Year 13, we encourage students to attend Open Days at universities which they are interested in attending. Many universities provide a choice of dates for their Open Days including weekends and holiday times. Students are allowed to take up to two authorised absence days to attend Open Days in Year 13 but should otherwise plan their visits outside term time days.

Students are expected to self-certificate any unplanned absences of between 1-3 days and are issued with guidelines on how to do this. Please see the table below for the instructions issued to students on how to account for their absences.

Type of Absence                                           Action                                                                                  
Unplanned absence from College for 1-3 days Certificate the absence on the day of absence by logging on to the College system using remote access.
Or email:
Or call 01223 278065 and leave a message
Unplanned absence from College for more than 3 days Parent/guardian required to contact the College, to give student's name, tutor group and reason for absence.
Or email:
Or call 01223 278065 and leave a message
Feeling unwell whilst at College and unable to attend lessons. Speak to a member of the Student Services Team and sign out. If a student forgets to sign out, their absence will be unauthorized
Knowledge of absence from College for a medical/dental appointment. Certificate or inform a member of the Student Services Team before the event.
Or email
Or leave a message on 01223 278065.
Attending a university open day (maximum of 2 open days in College teaching time) Certificate or inform a member of the Student Services Team before the event.
If a student wants to ask for up to 3 days off College, for an educational activity not organised by the College, The student will need to discuss this with their tutor. This must be done with as much notice as possible. Complete the planned absence form which your tutor can supply.
If a student is late for a lesson and the teacher marks the student absent Ask the teacher to amend the register or send an email to the teacher asking them to amend the register, cc your email to
If the register is not changed within 48 hours please speak to a member of the Student Services Team.
If a student is on a College trip or playing College sport and they are marked absent from lessons Ask the teacher organising the trip to amend the register or send and email to the teacher asking them to amend the register, cc your email to
If the register is not changed within 48 hours please speak to a member the Student Services Team
If there isn't an appropriate option in the dropdown box to certificate your absence e.g. you are attending a funeral Speak to a member of the Student Services Team

Student Absence - Your Questions Answered

Financial Matters

Fees and expenses:You will not have to pay any tuition fees if you are under 19 and have been resident within the European Union for the three years before your course. Different rules apply to students from outside the EU. Full details are available from the Admissions Office.

Year 12 students will have received information about the purchase of textbooks in their welcome pack.  If students are required to purchase their own textbook, please do support them to do so without delay. You can pay for any items of expenditure at the College via Wisepay.

Textbooks may also be borrowed from the College Library. If you are in receipt of a bursary, please see Mrs Southwell in Student Services to ask for help with purchasing textbooks.  You will also be asked to pay towards the cost of field trips and visits, although the charges for these are kept to a minimum.  Examination fees, with the exception of re-sits, are normally paid by the College. Students will also need to pay for any extra tests required for university entrance purposes (e.g. BMAT, UKCAT for medicine, STEP papers for Maths).

Financial Help: For the academic year 2019-20, the College will receive a sum of money from the government for distribution to students who meet the criteria for financial support under the 16-19 Bursary Scheme. Full details of eligibility and application procedures will have been provided for students at enrolment in August 2019.

These will indicate both the eligibility criteria, relating to household income, and also the range of activities for which an application can be made (e.g. transport, essential educational activities linked to chosen A level courses, extra tests required for university entrance purposes.)

The College will conduct an audit of likely demand for the 16-19 Bursary Fund at the start of the academic year, before finalising how much money can be distributed to the various categories of students applying for financial assistance.

Further Education Free Meals: to be eligible to receive free meals, the Government has identified that students or parents need to be in receipt of one or more of the following benefits:
  • Income support
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Support under the part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • The guarantee element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (provided that they are not entitled to Working Tax Credit) and have an annual gross income of not more than £16,190, as assessed by HMRC
  • Working Tax Credit run-on – paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit with net earnings not exceeding the equivalent of £7,400 pa.
A student is only eligible to receive a free meal when they, or a parent/guardian, have made a successful application to the College (evidence of benefit entitlements will need to be submitted with the application form).

Funds for free meals will be uploaded at regular intervals onto the student’s Wisepay card (which is a cashless card issued to all students). Meals can then be purchased at the catering outlets in College.

If you have any concerns about financial support which you would like to discuss after reading the available guidelines, please contact the Bursary Fund Team at the College (01223 247251 ext. 1499 or email

Bursary Fund Letter 2019-20 PdfIcon
Bursary Fund Application Form PdfIcon

College Policies

We encourage parents to read our Student Code of Conductand to look at the College calendar and term dates

The College is a caring learning community which respects the right of each individual student to have a safe, enjoyable and successful learning experience. As members of the College community, all students are asked to abide by the Code Of Conduct.

The key points of the Code are:
  • Wear the College lanyard and student ID card and ensure they are visible at all times whilst on the College site
  • Show consideration and respect for others and for the College environment
  • Help to ensure a safe and secure learning environment
  • Accept responsibility for your own learning
  • Promote good communications
  • Promote the good reputation of the College
  • Abide by all College policies and expectations, including those relating to:
  • equality and diversity
  • health and safety
  • bullying
  • acceptable use of IT
  • coursework and plagiarism

Please also see our acceptable use by students of College IT facilities policy and also our complaints procedure.

You can access all our College policies here


There is a wealth of support available for students in College, both academic and pastoral. The College recognises that students’ wellbeing is an integral part of their overall development. Whilst they are at the College, students are able to access wellbeing support through their Tutor, the Wellbeing Coordinators and the College Counsellor as well as dedicated wellbeing activities that happen throughout the year.

Tutors are always available for one to one support and advice and the Wellbeing Coordinators offer a drop in service at break times and lunchtimes. Students are able to be referred by their Tutor, or self-refer to the College Counsellor.

You may find it helpful to be aware of other organisations that are able to offer support to your son/daughter outside College. Please follow this link to find details of some external service providers. Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive and the College is not responsible for the standard of service provided by the organisations listed.

Visiting the College

Please do not drive onto the College site if you are dropping off or collecting your daughter or son as turning in the entrances to the site is a hazard to students and other pedestrians. Students may be picked up or set down in Purbeck Road, however waiting is not permitted as the road has to be kept clear for emergency access at all times.

More information about visiting the College can be found here.

There is no parking for students on the College site (which includes Purbeck Road and the Sports Centre) nor on the streets surrounding the College which have become extremely congested in recent years. Students are encouraged not to drive to College by car unless there are exceptional circumstances; in which case, they must complete a form which is available from the Student Services Team. The students will then be issued with a parking sticker for the car. Students are asked, when parking, to respect the rights of local residents and observe legal parking restrictions.
Generally, the use of private cars to carry students on College business is not allowed. However, there may be extenuating circumstances in which it is sensible to use a private car to carry fellow students, in which case the following rules apply:
  • students who drive fellow students in their own car are responsible for ensuring their passengers’ safety, that their vehicle is roadworthy, that they have an appropriate licence and that insurance cover for carrying the students is in place
  • The type of journeys envisaged include taking fellow students to sports fixtures or on educational visits. (Any casualties requiring hospital treatment should be taken to hospital by taxi or ambulance, not by private vehicle)
  • If a student is to transport fellow students in their private vehicle they must complete and sign a certificate (available from the member of staff concerned who will download the form from the Staff Sharepoint site) before the journey can be undertaken.

The Curriculum

Please see the typical study programme webpage for more information about the curriculum here at Hills Road.

Coursework refers to work that is completed independently and not under examination conditions; coursework marks contribute towards the final grade of the subject concerned.

Departments ensure that students are aware at the beginning of each academic year of major coursework requirements, including dates, deadlines and the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) guidelines.

Coursework must be the independent work of the student concerned. The College’s Plagiarism Policy explains the procedures to be followed in the event of suspected malpractice.

Students must meet coursework deadlines.

Introduction from the Policy Statement: Plagiarism occurs when a person uses other people’s thoughts, writing or creative work and presents them as his or her own, that is without clearly acknowledging the source of the information. It can take several forms, including:

  • directly copying another person’s work, for example from the internet, a book, another student’s assignment; the work may include text, statistics, figures, photographs, pictures, diagrams etc
  • paraphrasing another person’s work
  • cutting and pasting together sections of the work of others into a new whole
  • receiving material help from other people while producing an assignment, without express permission or instruction from a teacher
Plagiarism is a serious breach of discipline and students are responsible for informing themselves about this policy.

The College will make students aware of this policy early in the student’s programme ofstudy through drawing attention to the extracts in the student planner.

Progression: key extracts from the Progression Policy
  • 16-19 students are enrolled at Hills Road to follow a full-time Advanced level Study Programme.
  • Our aim is to support progression to Year 13 on an appropriate Study Programme by offering guidance to all students before and after the publication of internal examination results in June of Year 12. This is to enable students to review their Year 13 Study Programme in the light of their results and progression plans.
  • Students have a right to continue on Year 13 courses provided they meet all the following criteria:
  • they have demonstrated satisfactory attendance, punctuality, effort and behaviour during
  • their first year at the College, including completing set tasks and assessments in each subject satisfactorily
  • they have gained a pass in the internal end of Y12 examinations in their linear A level subjects
  • they have the support of the relevant subject departments
  • If a student does not meet all the above criteria, the College reserves absolute discretion to decide whether or not a student may progress to the second year, taking into account all relevant circumstances.

Careers Support

From January a comprehensive programme covers higher education, gap year and employment options and students will use a variety of resources and internet sites to research their options.

6th - 9th February 2018: Progression Activities timetable

Making choices: an important part of our student guidance system involves helping students to make career choices. Help with this is available from College careers staff, tutors and subject staff. Students are advised to research career opportunities as soon as appropriate. A careers programme starts in the spring term of Year 12; by the end of Year 12, most students should have definite ideas of the options available and be researching particular higher education courses or employment routes in more detail.

Please see the Careers section of the College website for more information.

Request for your help!

Mock interviews for students applying to Higher Education and permanent employment straight after A levels

Each year the Careers Department at the College organises a programme of mock interviews for Year 13 students applying for higher education and full time employment. This event adds to the College's other work on interview preparation, at present mainly a tutorial session, students' interview reports filed in the Careers Library, and advice in subject areas.

We use parents of current and ex-students as interviewers. Would you like to offer your help as an interviewer? It is not necessary for you to have experience of recruitment in industry or higher education interviewing.

We try to match up your field of work or experience with that of the students. With regard to interviews for higher education, many of the students are being interviewed for university places so it is important that subject specific questions are asked during the interviews. If you are uncertain about what type of questions to ask we will give you some advice and ideas based on our past student interview reports. Employment interviews will be matched where possible to your area of expertise.

We will send you the student’s personal statement or CV in advance of the interview.

The interviews are planned for the evenings of Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th November 2019; Interviews for employment will take place in January 2020 and more information including dates will be sent at a later date. Each interviewer normally attends one of these evenings with three or four interviews carried out in a classroom in College. Each interview will last up to 30 minutes including time for giving feedback to the student. It would be helpful if you could comment on the student’s presentation, conviction and manner of answering.

Without the help of parents it will not be possible to realise this project. It would be nice to be able to offer an interview to all students who think they would benefit. If you feel you could offer your services as an interviewer (dates permitting), please email: or follow this link to an online registration form. 
We shall get in touch with you during late September or October to discuss further details.

AS and A level Reform

AS and A level reform information