The Extended Project Qualification


Good education is not only about imparting knowledge – important though that is – but about developing deep thought, independence and creativity, and offering opportunities for intellectual enquiry.

What is the Extended Project?

At the heart of our Extended Curriculum is the requirement for you to develop and realise an advanced level project entirely of your own devising. Studied during Year 12, the Extended Project offers you the chance to gain real independence, resilience and maturity as an advanced level learner, while pursuing any topic of your choosing. It also offers you an additional AS level qualification alongside your A level choices.

"I found that the EP provided me with the opportunity to learn new scientific and communication skills which will be really valuable to me in the future as I plan to study biology at university."
Dominique Hirsz

What does it involve?

The Extended Project gives you the freedom and time to explore an idea that interests you and it is an opportunity for you to pursue and research something you feel passionate about. It involves working independently to produce either a
  • Dissertation, investigation or report
  • Artefact or design
  • Performance, either solo or in a group
  • Charity event (group)
"For our Extended Project we worked as a pair, fundraising for The Guide Dogs for the Blind through two events: a main charity concert held at a local church featuring Cambridge-based bands, and a 'Meet n' Greet' with guide dog puppies who were brought in to College (which proved very popular with students on their lunch break!)"
Amy Zhang & Flora McCorquodale

What can you do for your Extended Project?

The answer is 'anything'! As long as it is
  • safe, practical, ethical and achievable
  • not examined elsewhere
Rocket"For my project I decided to design and build a model rocket from scratch."
Chris Barrott

Caravan"The Extended Project was an opportunity to do something creative and outside the scope of my A Levels, and I really enjoyed both the completion and subsequent use of my artefact!"
Georgina Lithgow

For my Extended Project I produced a short documentary film exploring how property design and construction in the Cambridgeshire village of Prickwillow has been shaped by the constraints provided by its Fenland topography.
Lizzie Hutchings

necklace"One of the most iconic images of ancient Egypt is a bust of Queen Nefertiti, which depicts her wearing a beaded collar. Having been making jewellery since the age of six, I decided that making a replica of this collar would be a good challenge."
Sacha Davies

"For my Extended Project, I created a board game based on forensic science complete with packaging, a board, a rule book and all of the extra game pieces."
Phoebe Bainbridge

“For my EP I ran a mental health awareness scheme. My target was to raise £1000 for mental health charities as well as raising a significant amount of awareness with things like Depression and Schizophrenia."
Annie Knowles

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