Why choose Spanish?

Gain an in-depth knowledge of the culture and society of Spain and speak a foreign language fluently.

If you dream of speaking a foreign language fluently and perhaps even working abroad, studying Spanish will help you achieve this as well as equipping you with a variety of unique skills that will be invaluable in the future.

You will become a more knowledgeable and informed person and debates and discussions in the classroom will give you a broad perspective on a wide range of issues and topics.

"El español es una lengua con gran future."

Transition from GCSE

When you start Spanish at Hills Road, you will have a two week transition period during which you will revise basic grammar and use cultural based activities such as Spanish festivals and food to help you to gain confidence and break the ice.

During this time you will be also be informed generally about the areas of the course that go in depth as the year develops. You will also have the chance to become familiar with our online resources and the Modern Language areas in the College.

"Empezamos despacio pero con seguridad." 

How will you work?

In every lesson we will work to develop all linguistic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing by using a wide range of resources and creative activities. You will very soon be used to moving around in your Spanish classes, switching from pair-work to small groups during a lesson. Enjoyment is key to success when learning a foreign language!

You will have a weekly conversation class in a very small group with a native Foreign Language Assistant, who is available to help and support you.

What will you do in and outside of the classroom?

  • Lots of pair and small-group speaking practice
  • A weekly conversation class in a small group with a Foreign Language Assistant
  • Writing in different styles
  • Watching films and the daily news
  • Debating contemporary topics and social issues
  • Reading newspaper and magazine articles
  • Researching on the internet
  • Reading and discussing literature
  • Using an extensive range of resources to practise skills and extend your interests
  • Working in the language lab at a pace to suit you
If you want a mix of activities in lessons and an intellectually stimulating course with a strong practical application, you will enjoy studying Spanish. You will be amazed at the progress you can make. Experience the freedom and thrill of stepping into another culture!

Trabajamos de variadas formas porque el aprendizaje tiene muchos caminos

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“I like the independence of the course and the opportunities to stretch yourself beyond what we do in lessons. I also went on the Spanish exchange and had an amazing time, both here and in Spain."


Extra activities

The Spanish department offers an exchange in Santander, Spain with our partner secondary school, ‘IES La Albericia’. Students spend a week in Santander living with a family and have the opportunity to participate in workshops at the school, go on trips around the area and to experience Spanish culture at first hand. Exchanges are an exceptionally effective way of learning a language as they involve almost total immersion, and you should find that your Spanish improves considerably.

A Spanish society, run by students, will give you the opportunity to get involved in organising activities and events and/or to share your interests with other students. For example students have organised film screenings and flamenco sessions.

Our ‘Peer Mentoring scheme’ benefits all students as A2 students mentor AS students and help them with grammar points, homework or in speaking practice etc.


“The Santander exchange was fantastic; it enabled me to further my Spanish skills whilst enjoying myself with new people in a new city. I came back with a much higher level in Spanish and able to understand more colloquial Spanish terms.”

Career Prospects

Learning Spanish is an open door to your successful future as employers are looking more and more for people with language skills. And at Higher Education level you can choose from a variety of courses involving Spanish. You can study Spanish on its own or combine with other languages or another subject such as Medicine, Law or Business. them with grammar points, homework or in speaking practice etc.

Our studies are relevant to a wide range of Universities and to a great variety of degrees from Spanish and History at Edinburgh University, Spanish and Portuguese at Southampton University, to Modern and Medieval Studies at Cambridge University, etc. them with grammar points, homework or in speaking practice etc.

Some of our students take a gap year and take the opportunity to visit Spain and/or explore some Latino American countries or by becoming involved in various projects run by charities.

Entry Requirements

GCSE Grade 6 or B in Spanish

Awarding Body


Units of Study

Year 12


Aspects of Hispanic society

  • Cyberspace
  • Changes in the family
  • Equal rights
Artistic culture in the Hispanic world
  • Modern day idols
  • Spanish regional identity
  • Cultural heritage
We study a Spanish film

Year 13


Aspects of political life in the Spanish world

  • Today's youth (political attitudes, unemployment)
  • Monarchies and dictatorships
  • Popular movements (social protests, unions...)
Multiculturalism in Hispanic society
  • Immigration
  • Racism
  • Integration
We study a novel