Why choose Spanish?

Gain an in-depth knowledge of the culture and society of Spain and speak a foreign language fluently.

If you dream of speaking a foreign language fluently and impressively and perhaps even working abroad, studying a language will bring this ambition within your grasp and it will equip you with a variety of unique skills that will be invaluable in the future. You will become a more knowledgeable and informed person and debates and discussions in the classroom will give you a broad perspective on a wide range of issues and topics. You will also gain in-depth knowledge of Spain and Spanish speaking countries. Topics include: media, popular culture, relationships and family, healthy living and lifestyle, current social issues, multicultural society, and the environment. There are native Foreign Language Assistants working in the Modern Languages department who are available to help and support you with small group conversation work. We also run a peer mentoring scheme.

A Spanish society which is run by students will give you the opportunity to get involved in organising activities and events and to share you interest with other students. 
The Spanish department also offers you the opportunity to spend time in Spain, living with a Spanish family and to experience Spanish culture first hand.

Santander2015"The Santander exchange was a real highlight for me, not only did it greatly better my language skills but it also let me immerse myself in the Spanish culture. I made new Spanish and English friends and really enjoyed learning colloquial phrases".

If you want a mix of activities in lessons and an intellectually stimulating course with a strong practical application, you will enjoy studying Spanish. You will be amazed at the progress you can make. Experience the freedom and thrill of stepping into another culture!

This course involves:
  • Lots of pair and small-group speaking practice in lessons
  • A weekly conversation class in a small group with a Foreign Language Assistant
  • Working in the language lab at a pace to suit you
  • Writing in different styles
  • Reading newspaper and magazine articles
  • Watching films and the daily news
  • Debating contemporary topics and social issues
  • Researching on the internet
  • Choosing from a huge range of resources to practise your skills and extend your interests at your own pace
  • Reading and discussing literature.

“I like the independence of the course and the opportunities to stretch yourself beyond what we do in lessons. I also went on the Spanish exchange and had an amazing time, both here and in Spain."

Entry Requirements

GCSE Grade B in Spanish

Awarding Body