Why choose Sociology?

Interested in why society works in the way it does?

Because you’re curious about the world in which you live and your place in it. Sociologists are interested in why society works in the way that it does. They conduct research into, and also look at, the extent to which behaviour – and opportunities – can be shaped by social class, age, gender and race.

This course will help you understand the ways in which individual lives are shaped by social institutions such as the education system, religion and the mass media, and investigates key contemporary problems, such as poverty, religious extremism and crime. Through research and investigation, you will develop a range of transferable skills, amongst them the ability to construct and deconstruct arguments both orally and in writing, analyse information critically and present information logically. Sociology is a subject within the Political and Social Sciences department at Hills Road. The department regularly invites outside speakers to come into the College to speak to you.

“Sociology is amazing! It gives you the opportunity to explore interesting aspects of society and have an awesome time doing it!”

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade B in English Language or Literature.

Awarding Body