Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Why choose Religious Studies?

Religious Studies is an attractive option if you are interested in studying the fundamental questions which all human beings ask: “What is the point of being alive?”, “Who is God?”, “Why do we suffer?”, “What is the right way to live?” and “Is there anything beyond death?” The subject gets to grips with people’s real lives, what they believe and what makes them act as they do. It is also about societies and cultures often very different from your own, and how these have evolved over time. Religious Studies will appeal to you if you are enthusiastic and thoughtful enough to want to understand the deeply held convictions of others and to examine your own prejudices, assumptions and beliefs.

The approach taken to studying Religious Studies is an objective, open-ended and exploratory one, encouraging debate and enabling students to step imaginatively into the shoes of religious believers in these two traditions.

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade B in English Language or Literature.