Why choose Physics?

In investigating the fundamental principles of how the universe works, Physics is a fascinating study for those of you with an inquiring mind. It is also the basis on which all forms of technology are built. The course seeks to promote sound understanding and application of physical concepts along with self-reliance in tackling independent tasks, both theoretical and practical. Growth of logical and numerical ability accompanies the development of the subject material. This goes hand-in-hand with your development, increasing your responsibility for your own learning. Such skills are important in all future forms of professional activity and particularly so in those areas which require a predominantly logical or numerate approach. 

Physics is a fascinating subject and whilst it can be studied at higher education in its own right, it is also commonly studied by those wishing to go on to engineering courses, medical courses, architecture or degrees in other science areas and it is a widely accepted qualification for any area which requires numeracy or logical thought.

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade A in Physics or GCSE grade A in Science and Additional Science, and GCSE grade A in Maths. It is not necessary to also study AS Mathematics.

Awarding Body