Physical Education

Physical Education

The scientific study of exercise, health and sport.

Why choose Physical Education?

The scientific study of exercise, health and sport is big business, from the riches of professional sport to the equally important personal fitness sector. The impact of sport on both our individual lives and the global economy cannot be overstated.

A level PE at Hills Road covers an incredibly diverse and interesting range of topics. Not only will you learn about how the body works: anatomy, physiology and biomechanics (do you know for example, where your lateral malleolus is and what it does? No? You could!) You will learn how performance can be enhanced, analysed and monitored and about the multiple health benefits of physical activity. For example did you know that inactivity is costing the NHS around £7.4 billion a year!


You will also study psychology to analyse the role of the mind in performance; nutrition to understand how to fuel performance effectively; sports injury prevention and management; and sport business to understand the financial side of the sport industry. You will also develop an understanding of the role that sport played in the past and what role will it will play in the future.

Essentially you will develop the academic skills of a scientist as well as those of an arts student.

"Lessons are taught by inspirational teachers who are passionate about their subject."

Beyond the Classroom

Students get a different perspective of exercise, health and sport thanks to the many trips, talks, workshops, and work experiences that are organised throughout the course e.g. the annual trip to Boston, USA, including visits to NBA Celtics, Ice hockey and Harvard as well as trips to specialist sport science labs to experience cryotherapy, hydrotherapy and lab testing of VO2 max.

Furthermore students are encouraged to take certificated courses e.g. First Aid, coaching & officiating awards. So A level PE is not only a great course but you’ll gain competencies attractive to employers and university admissions linked to health, sport, industry and education. However A level PE opens many doors depending upon subject combinations.
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It's all about me!

You are central to everything we study in A level PE so whether it’s improving your own performance or whether you have a fascination about how the human body functions, this is the course for you.

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“I like the variation of topics we study as it incorporates all aspects of health, exercise and sport and the interactive lessons means there is something for all students to enjoy. There is support available throughout the year, so you can always get the help you need.”


  • 70% examination
  • 30% coursework

Coursework includes being assessed in one role, either as a performer or as a coach.

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Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 6 or B Physical Education or English (Language or Literature) and Mathematics or a Science or minimum GCSE grade 4 or C in Physical Education (if studied).

Awarding Body