Why choose Philosophy?

Philosophy deals with the big questions in life and examines the rich treasure trove of answers to questions such as: what is the nature and limitation of our knowledge? Does God exist? How do we decide what is right? What is human consciousness? Philosophy A level will appeal to you if you enjoy thinking deeply, reading critically and expressing your ideas clearly in essays and discussion.. Your opinions will be challenged in lively classroom discussion as you are led through the maze of dilemmas. A level Philosophy is the antidote to learning facts and figures: this subject encourages you to think for yourself! The course is complimentary to both arts and science A levels and prepares you for allied academic subjects at university as well as PPE or straight philosophy. Thinking is a vocational skill and philosophy graduates are extremely marketable in a wide variety of fields such as law, journalism and public services.
There is no coursework at AS or A2 and all examination questions are compulsory

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade B in English Language or Literature.

Awarding Body