Music Technology

Music Technology

Why choose Music Technology?

Learn how to use technology successfully in the field of contemporary popular music.

Music Technology is a creative and innovative subject which arms you with the skills needed to arrange, compose, produce and record music. You will gain an understanding of a wide range of popular musical styles, and will learn how to use technology successfully in the field of contemporary popular music. The course is very practical with much of the work being carried out at computer work stations.

There are excellent opportunities to learn to operate a wide variety of music hardware and software, all in superb facilities including a teaching room with a fully equipped suite of Apple Mac computers (one student per computer) and two recording studios, one including an acoustically isolated booth. The AS Studio comprises Logic Pro X with M-Audio Profire 2626 audio interface, whilst the A2 studio contains Logic Pro X, Audient iD22 interface/ASP880 pre-amps, outboard effects, balanced tie-lines to an acoustic booth, and a recital room. There is also access to the full range of McDSP professional audio plug-in effects and Native Instruments Komplete.


The music department has a strong and varied extra-curricular programme including the following groups: chamber choir, College choir, folk/roots music, jazz choir, jazz/funk band, symphony orchestra, wind orchestra, radio show production and DJ workshops. There are regular extension events including music industry talks, university talks, trips to events and workshops.

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“Studying Music Tech at Hills Road is inspiring and every lesson you learn something new and interesting. Music Tech is a relaxed community of amazing and affable musicians and technicians.”

Concerts and Events

Music Technology students are encouraged to take part in the technical set-up for Hills Road concerts, including recording and stage management.

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 6 or merit in Music (or similar subject title)


Grade 5 Music Theory or Grade 5 instrument

Awarding Body


Units of Study

Year 13

Music Technology - Component 1

Recording non-examined assessment NEA - 20%

Music Technology - Component 2

Technology-based composition NEA - 20%


Music Technology - Component 3

Listening and analysing - listening exam analysing production of unfamiliar popular music tracks - 25%

Music Technology - Component 4

Producing and analysing - synoptic exam with written responses, software manipulation and production tasks - 35%.