History - Crisis, Conflict and Communism

History - Crisis, Conflict and Communism

Why History?

History is who we are and why we are the way we are.

Crisis, Conflict and Communism

“History lessons are great fun!” More Hills Road students go on to read History at university than any other subject, not just because it is well regarded by universities and employers as a qualification for a wide range of courses and areas of work, but also because students discover it to be a fascinating subject in its own right. 

"The teachers are excellent in allowing the greater exploration of a subject, through providing book references and stimulus for further thought."

HIstoryBethThrough the study of History at Hills Road, you will gain a valuable range of key life skills, notably the ability to appreciate and weigh up different points of view, to explore how an author’s perspective may affect their judgements and to consider the complex motives which often lie behind an individual’s actions. By choosing History you will enjoy: a choice of courses, so you can play to your strengths and interests; enthusiastic and high quality teaching; the opportunity to read widely, giving you an insight into the controversies and issues that historians are currently debating; and strong support for your studies via the department’s website, enabling you to develop the independent learning skills which will be crucial at university.

"The teachers are adept at bringing eras to life, helped particularly by their passion for the subject."

History A level is always one of the subjects cited by admissions tutors at the most competitive universities as good preparation for their courses, particularly those in law, politics, economics, English, modern languages, art history, archaeology, philosophy, sociology and theology. History graduates pursue a wide range of careers including journalism, law, accountancy, management, the civil service, teaching, research and heritage work.

"Lessons are structured so that student opinion is allowed to flourish and develop."

Hitler01Our courses give you the chance to encounter characters as diverse and fascinating as Hitler, Oliver Cromwell, Gorbachev, Roosevelt and Martin Luther King while studying events of massive importance in the development of Britain, Europe and the world.

"History is banter...Never a boring lesson!"

And outside the classroom...

The History Department runs a residential visit to Berlin, and there are regular trips to sixth form lecture conferences in London. There is a thriving student-run History Society which organises an annual two-day conference and regular screenings of historical films.

"History at Hills Road is unique. The methods and quality of teaching captivate the attention of the class, and not only prepare you for the continued study of history, but lead you to gain a more rounded appreciation of the world. Always interesting and interactive, taking history at Hills Road is an opportunity which should not be missed."

It's Official!

"Teaching and learning are outstanding. Teachers are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and innovative. Teaching is often inspirational: it captures the attention and sustains high levels of student motivation...students find the study of history rewarding, exciting and thought-provoking."

Latest Ofsted report.

Examined Topics:

  • The Rise and fall of Communism: the Soviet Union 1917-91
  • Life behind the Berlin Wall: East Germany, 1949-90
  • From Trafalgar to the Trenches: Britain at War, 1790-1918.


Both our courses offer you the chance to choose from a range of exciting coursework topics covering the Medieval, Early Modern and Modern periods. You can opt for any of the topics listed below.

  • The Crescent and the Cross: The Crusades.
  • Witches, Demons and Inquisitors: Witch Crazes in England, Europe and the USA, c.1550-1750.

Modern route

  • From the Bastille to the Guillotine: The French Revolution, 1789-94
  • Coercion or Consent? – Living under the Nazi Regime, 1933-45

What more can we add?

Students at Hills Road love studying history and achieve outstanding results in their A levels. History is frequently the most popular choice of subject when Hills Road students choose their university courses. History students learn a huge amount, want to learn more and look back on their time studying history at Hills Road with great fondness.

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 6 or B in History [if History not studied, English (Language or Literature)].

Awarding Body