Film Studies

Some of the topics may have changed since this video was made.

Why choose Film Studies?

Enrich your existing appreciation and enjoyment of film.

Film Studies is designed to enrich your existing appreciation and enjoyment of film. It is a well-established academic subject which offers you the opportunity to engage with a wide range of different films and gain confidence with a range of critical approaches to film, learning to ‘read’ a film, considering the nature of the relationship between an audience and a film, and studying the importance of social and institutional factors to film production. The subject lends itself to a wide range of approaches: class discussion, individual study and research, written analysis, essays, writing screenplays, producing storyboards and film journalism. There will also be opportunities for cinema visits. You will have opportunities for key skills development, as well as to develop skills of critical analysis, to examine the meanings and values contained in films, to understand and ‘read’ the language of films, and to understand cinema as an industry.

There are opportunities to develop essay writing and research skills as well as more specialised skills such as scriptwriting and film treatments. There are three editing suites and digital video cameras if you are interested in making your own films. Over the two years of the course you will study a variety of films from British, Hollywood and world cinema.


“Film is an underrated subject. Not only is it interesting to learn about the making of films, it is also important both artistically and culturally to learn about the times and aspect of society it reflects and critiques, drawing from issues and topics relevant in all corners of the world. For me, Film Studies is the study of life as we know it.”

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 6 in English (Language or Literature).

Awarding Body


Units of Study

Year 12

Film Studies - Unit 1

Exploring film form: You will learn how to analyse films in detail, looking at camerawork, editing, sound and mise-en-scene to consider how films make meaning. A variety of British and Hollywood films and film extracts will be studied. You will also have the opportunity to carry out creative work, either creating a digital storyboard or writing an extended step outline.

Film Studies - Unit 2

British & American film: You will learn about the film industry both here and in Hollywood, covering a range of issues such as marketing, film production and the relationship between films and their audiences. You will make a close study of topics related to messages and values in British films and you will also have the chance to study two Hollywood films in detail to compare themes.


Year 13

Film Studies - Unit 3

Film research and creative projects: You will carry out research into a topic of your choice, using three films of your choice as case studies. You will also do another creative piece, either a screenplay or film treatment linked to your research topic.


Film Studies - Unit 4

Varieties of film experience: issues and debates: You will have opportunities to study a world cinema topic involving a close study of two films. You will study two further topics, one focusing on a specific film studied from a variety of critical approaches and the other looking at issues of spectatorship.