English Language and Literature

English Language and Literature

Why choose English Language & Literature?

Do you ever ask yourself ‘What does a writer’s use of metaphor or alliteration add to themeaning of a text?’ ‘How does the speech in a novel differ from everyday conversation?’

‘How does a news story manipulate your reaction to the events it describes?’ If so,English Language and Literature is a course you will enjoy.

At AS and A level you will be encouraged to develop your knowledge and understanding of linguistic and literary approaches in your reading and interpretation of texts in a range of styles and genres.

At A level you will study a wide range of spoken and written texts from different periods, including a minimum of six substantial texts. At least three of these will be taken from the genres of prose fiction, poetry and/or drama. Of the remaining three, one will be non-literary.

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade B in English Language and GCSE grade B in English Literature.