English Language

English Language

Why choose English Language?

Develop your independence, creativity and maturity with one of our English courses.

Do you ever wonder why people use language in so many different ways? Do you enjoy expressing your opinions on spoken and written language? If so, you will find this course particularly fascinating. You will also develop valuable tools for investigating how language actually works.

At AS level, you will analyse a range of written texts, explore electronic communication and study many different kinds of spoken texts. To underpin all this, you will learn the terminology and grammar to enable you to understand how language works. You will also discover how children learn to speak during the initial years of life and how language represents different social groups.

You will learn mostly by investigation, group work and discussion. Some of the most interesting classes will be when students bring in their own samples of language for analysis. Your work will be supported by a rich set of intranet resources including a wonderful set of speech recordings from across the country.

“English staff at Hills Road provide a stimulating and supportive environment in which to discuss texts with like-minded people. Your own understanding of the subject matter is enhanced by the influence of alternative interpretations, often resulting in some dramatic debates!”

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 6 in English Language.

Awarding Body