Double Maths

Why choose Double Maths?

This means studying Maths A level and Further Maths A level together. It is a course for those with a strong interest in pursuing Maths beyond sixth form and demands a strong overall GCSE profile. Students often take it because they want to study Maths, physics or engineering at degree level and would find a stronger mathematical background helpful. It can be extremely rewarding for you if you enjoy Maths and are stimulated by the faster pace and greater depth. The course covers all available Pure Maths modules.

We offer the following courses in Year 12:
1. Double Mathematics
2. Mathematics
The key theme in all these options is a continued study of algebra and graphs.

How can you know whether you'll be suited to A level Maths?

You may be surprised to hear that this is by no means just about your GCSE grade. It is more important for you to reflect on the fact that you need to become fluent with algebra to become successful at A level Maths, algebra being the language of the subject at this level. (It is possible to struggle with algebra at GCSE Maths yet obtain a high grade through proficiency in other topics such as arithmetic, geometry and statistics.

In preparation for your maths course we will be setting summer work, and there will be an early assessment of your algebraic skills to ensure that you are doing the most appropriate Maths course.

If you need help assessing your algebraic skills, you could seek advice from your teacher.


  • Further Maths is essential for many university courses in Maths,
  • Further Maths is useful for some university courses in Economics, Computing, Physics and Engineering.
  • No coursework.
  • Includes both mechanics and statistics content.
  • Six lessons plus six and a half hours of independent study per week.

Sample Problem



10x- 22x + 121 = 0

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 8 in Mathematics.

Awarding Body