Why choose Biology?

Apart from its value as a way of gaining entry to certain careers and courses, we believe that biology is a fascinating subject in its own right and one that we hope students enjoy studying. Biology has a higher profile today than perhaps at any other time and this is reflected in the number of people studying a biology-based course at college and university. Many of the important and often contentious issues which society must address as it moves into the new millennium relate to the biological sciences, particularly the role that humankind plays with respect (or lack of it!) to the rest of life. Ethical debates centre around animal experimentation, cloning, genetically modified crops, embryo and fertility research, and the human genome project and the use of its findings. High on the political agenda are health, pollution, environmental protection and food safety. AIDS, heart disease, cancer, drug use and misuse and malnutrition all continue to present us with challenges.

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade A in Biology and grade B in Chemistry or GCSE grade A in Science and Additional Science, and GCSE grade B in Maths.