We offer over 35 A level subjects together with an extensive and varied programme of enrichment and extension activities. All courses are taught by well-qualified specialists within high quality, purpose built classrooms.


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  • artdesignthumb
    Art & Design more
  • arthistorythumb
    Art History more
  • biologythumb
    Biology more
  • businessthumb
    Business more
  • chemistrythumb
    Chemistry more
  • classicalcivilisationthumb
    Classical Civilisation more
  • computersciencethumb
    Computer Science more
  • DanceThumb
    Dance more
  • MathsThumb01
    Double Maths more
  • dramathumb
    Drama & Theatre Studies more
  • EconomicsThumb
    Economics more
  • englishthumb
    English Language more
  • IMG_7612Thumbnail
    English Language and Literature more
  • JU5C4355Thumbnail
    English Literature more
  • filmstudiesthumb
    Film Studies more
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