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"The level of resourcing is exemplary....the professionalism of the programme and enthusiasm of the delivery team, leaders and managers is wonderful. Hills Road demonstrates outstanding careers education, information, advice and guidance."

External assessor for the Cambridgeshire IAG Award, accredited July 2014.

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updated 21 May 2019

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updated 21 May 2019

If you would like help following your A level results

Our Careers team will be available in the Careers department on the following days:

  • Thursday 15 August, 8am-4pm
  • Friday 16 August, 9am-4pm
  • Monday 19 August, 9am - 4pm
  • Tuesday 20th August, 9am - 2pm

Alternatively, if you have any questions please send an email to: or have a look at the Which University Guide to Clearing 2019 for helpful advice about clearing.

The Careers Team

The Careers team, led by Head of Careers, Bekki Clark, are highly experienced and dedicated careers staff who are available to provide specialist careers advice and consultation to our students. They arrange a large number of careers events, and you will have the opportunity to hear talks from a variety of employers as well as universities and other institutions offering courses in higher education.

Contact the Careers team: 

Please see more information in our Careers programme and our Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance policy.

If you are planning to progress into higher education, you should try and ensure that your combination of subjects keeps open a range of options which is appropriate for you. Your current plans beyond A level may mean that you are already sure about two or three subject choices. If this is not the case, it may be advisable to choose at least one or more ‘facilitating subjects’, providing these subjects play to your strengths and you would enjoy studying them. The Russell Group of research-led universities have published more information on their website, please see Informed Choices by following this link:

However, it is entirely correct that students who are talented in music, art, drama and creative skills choose subjects that play to their strengths.

On leaving the College, our students enter a wide range of careers, including accountancy, banking, engineering, the retail trade, laboratory work, health and social services, and computer work. If you wish to continue formal education after A level courses, there is a wide variety of courses and institutions from which to choose. For most students the process of researching opportunities and making choices will need to take place during Year 12, in readiness for applications to higher education early in Year 13. Each year over 90% of our students enter degree courses, with over 30% taking the opportunity for a gap year between Hills Road and higher education to broaden their experience. Information evenings for parents are arranged concerning UCAS applications, gap year activities and higher education finance as well as a mock interview programme for students (organised in conjunction with the Association of Parents' and Friends').

What am I going to do after Hills Road?

This important question has to be answered by all students during their time at the College, and the Careers department helps them make this vital decision by:

  • Encouraging students to assess their own skills and personal qualities.
  • Providing information and help in completing university applications via UCAS and to other specialist colleges e.g. art, music and drama, as well as to foreign universities.
  • Providing easy access to information via an extensive careers library.
  • Organising a structured programme of careers education.
  • Offering guidance through personal interviews and group work.
  • Arranging a wide programme of meetings and work experience
  • Arranging a progression week where students can attend talks and workshops on a range of career areas.
  • Arranging an employer fair attended by local employers offering jobs, apprenticeships and graduate schemes.

Students destinations

Hills Road leavers 2017 (all courses)
3% - employment including apprenticeships
3% - other destinations (including Higher Education preparation e.g. Art Foundation)
94% - of Hills Road leavers in 2017 are expected to have begun a course in Higher Education by October 2018

Proportion of students entering Higher Education course who take a gap year
65% - degree courses starting 2017
35% - gap year before degree course in 2018

Hills Road students perform exceptionally well at university

Higher Education degree classifications in 2018 for students from different types of sixth form institution (as compiled by the Sixth Form Colleges Association).

Cumulative percentages across all Higher Education institutions, with those for Russell Group institutions only in brackets.

     First class
Upper second
class honours
or better 
 Lower second
class honours
or better
Third class
or better 
Hills Road Sixth
Form College
  46% (46%)  94% (94%)  99% (98%)
99.1% (98.9%)
 All sixth form
 29% (33%)  80% (89%)  99% (98%)  
99.2% (99.6%)
 All state schools
& colleges
 28% (33%) 78% (88%)  95% (98%)   
97.7% (99.2%)
Independent schools   29% (31%)  87% (91%) 98% (98%)   
98.7% (99.1%)