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In-area and out-area applications

The great majority of places will be offered to qualified 'in-area' applicants. 'In-area' applicants are those who, during the academic year prior to admissions, are: attending a Cambridgeshire Area Partnership (CAP) school (see the CAP website)

OR are living with their parent(s) in the Local Authority defined area served by the CAP schools (as defined by this list of 'in-area' postcodes).

All other applicants are classified as 'out-area'. We strongly encourage 'out-area' applications, offers from which are continuing to increase each year. A record number of 260 out of 400 qualified out-area applicants received an offer in April 2017 (and a further 70 out of 150 qualified out-area applicants received a ‘post-results’ offer in August 2017). ‘Out-area’ applicants are encouraged to apply to more than one CAP centre to keep options open, and are also strongly advised to make provision in their own local area.

In making our decisions, we will take into account the criteria explained in our Admissions Policy. As well as considering the overall academic profile of students based on estimated grades, we also take into account the availability of space in the subjects applied for.

How to apply

Applications for 2018 entry are currently closed, but our ‘post-results application process’ will open when GCSE results are published on Thursday 23 August 2018.

In the meantime, we shall continue to consider new applicants who are moving into the area with their families. If this is the case, please contact

Post-Results Applications
We offer a ‘Post-Results’ application opportunity, after the GCSE results are published on Thursday 23 August 2018. The lack of space in some subjects may prevent us from making offers in the spring, to many highly qualified applicants who we know would thrive here, and we welcome re-applications in August as well as new ones. We shall consider all post-results applicants in the light of their actual grades and the space which becomes available in their requested subjects. We were able to make more than 100 ‘post-results’ offers in 2017. 

To submit a post-results application, please visit the College’s website between Thursday 23 and Monday 27 August and follow the link called ‘Post-results application form’, which will take you to an online form to complete.  Forms must be submitted no later than: 9am on Tuesday 28 August.


 For entry in September 2018


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The following tool checks to see if your estimated and actual Level 2 grades satisfy the College's minimum 6 grade average requirement (based on Mathematics, English Language and your next four best grades):

If you have any further questions about our application process, please contact the Admissions Team, via