Applications for entry in 2019

Hills Road Sixth Form College is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming community where all students are enabled to meet their full potential and are respected as individuals.

Admission is open to all qualified applicants. With effect from 2019, there is no distinction being made in relation to an applicant’s school or home address (so applicants are no longer being classified as ‘in-area’ or ‘out-area’).

However, applicants must live, or intend to move to live, with their parent(s) within sustainable commuting distance of the College (for the duration of their two-year course).

Our other main minimum entry criteria for A level courses are as follows (please see our Admissions Policy for further details):
  • a GCSE profile broadly equivalent* to four subjects at grade 6 and four at grade 5, including English Language and Maths
  • *where the equivalence of GCSE profiles is based on our ‘admissions score’, as detailed below .
  • the minimum grade requirements for your chosen A level subjects, as specified in our prospectus and here.
Although we are unable to guarantee a place, we do expect to be able to make offers to nearly all applicants, as we did last year.

How to apply

We are currently closed for applications to join us in September 2019, the deadline having passed on 10 January.

Furthermore, we shall be providing our usual ‘Post-Results’ application opportunity for 2019 entry, after GCSE results are published on Thursday 22 August 2019. Indeed, we have been able to make more than 100 ‘post-results’ offers in each of the past four years . We shall consider all post-results applicants in the light of their actual grades and the space which becomes available in their requested subjects.

To submit a post-results application, please visit this page of the College’s website between Thursday 22 and Monday 26 August and follow a link to an online application form. Forms must be submitted no later than: 9am on Tuesday 27 August.



 For entry in September 2019

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If you have any further questions about our application process, please contact the Admissions Team, via