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Holly wins prize at the Making Links Schools Challenge

10 May 2019
Hills Road student Holly Baker has won £2000 for the College and £500 for herself after entering the Making Links Schools Challenge organised by London law firm, Linklaters.

Linklaters launched a new social mobility recruitment initiative with a competition aimed at helping young people to improve their commercial awareness and presentation skills.

Participants were asked to write an essay answering the question, ‘What has been the single biggest disruption or innovation in the business world, within your lifetime?’

Holly said “I chose to write about the rise of online shopping and how this is consequently leading to the decline of the high street as this was the topic that I felt I could relate to the best. Whilst a huge proportion of my shopping is done online, my Dad works in point of sale, and therefore the decline of the high street is worrying for his business.”

Holly was one of the top 20 entrants out of a total of 460 who were invited to the grand final event, which involved spending a day at Linklaters offices in London. The applicants presented their ideas to two lawyers and also attended a number of workshops centred around innovation and applications (including interview and presentation skills). They were also treated to a fascinating a tour of Linklaters offices, which included a gym, doctors, dentists and even sleep pods.