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Schools Head of the River Race (SHORR)

26 Mar 2019
Photo above: The Men's first 8 competing at the SHORR                      All photos thanks to Guy Beauchamp

The College entered five Hills Road boat crews (Cantabrigian Rowing Club) in the Schools Head of the River Race on the River Thames on 15th March.

The men’s rowing team entered three full eights into the race, an indication of the depth of the team and the strength of the crews this year. Unfortunately, difficult conditions led to many of the categories being cut from the race due to safety reasons, so our third boat was unable to race. However, this did not stop the 1st and 2nd 8 going out and delivering solid performances.

The men’s first boat put in a strong row with a time of 18:21, the fastest time of any Hills Road boat at this race in five years. The crew successfully fought off the crews chasing them, beating the two crews behind them by a margin of 40+ seconds. This time placed them 14th in the School 1st 8 category and 55th overall. The men’s second boat crews, many of whom only learned to row within the past year, put in an equally respectable performance with a time of 19:35. This was undoubtedly the most prepared 2nd crew the College has sent to the tideway and possibly the best 2nd men’s crew we have ever had.

The Men's second 8 competing at the SHORR

The performances of all the crews are a testament to the increased level of training, commitment and motivation shown by every member of the rowing team this year and special thanks to members of the Cantabrigian Rowing Club who give up their time to coach the students.

1st boat: Robert Steyn, Phil Sosnin, Jeremy Austin, Jed Beynon, Ethan Collier, Joshua Pearson, Sam Askew, Laurence Beauregard. Cox: Emily Staplehurst.
2nd boat: Bertie Wilkinson, George Lawn, Alex Hunjan, Joel Newsam, Borisz Kantor, Maxim Braunschweiler, Joe Comyn, JP Levick. Cox: Anthony Austin.

The women’s first boat came seventh in the 1st 8+ category, the best result by far for Hills Road in recent years. It is the first time in at least five years that a Hills Road Women’s crew has placed in the top ten at this event. The crew was able to adapt their rowing to the conditions really successfully, allowing them to overtake a Headington crew and push off the Emanuel School boat that was chasing them. Cox Charlotte Parr (a J14 rower), did amazingly well, really rising to the challenge of coxing on the Thames for the very first time!

The Women's first 8 competing at the SHORR

The women’s second crew also raced very well; for most of the girls in the boat it was their first time on the Tideway, making it a really valuable experience for them. They were one of only four girls’ second 8+s to race, meaning that they had to race in the School 1st 8+ category. They placed 18th, an excellent result in a competitive category. Their cox Emily Walker, a Hills Road rower, did a fantastic job, especially given the tough weather conditions.

The Women's second 8 competing at the SHORR

1st boat: Freya Sutcliffe, Lorna McBride, Katie Oliver, Jessie Hassett, Zara Parr, Mia Beauchamp, Amy Hill, Lucy Jennion. Cox: Charlotte Parr.
2nd boat: Cass Baumberg, Catherine Morley, Emma Stephens, Sirena Neaves, Michelle Santos, Ruby Page, Ghazal Seidi, Eva James. Cox: Emily Walker.