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Sanjeet’s Personal Robotic Assistant, R3-14

12 Mar 2019
Year 12 Hills Road student Sanjeet Chatterjee has built his very own personal robot assistant! Sanjeet named his debut Pi project R3-14, aptly named due to the use of a Raspberry Pi.

Sanjeet has integrated Google Assistant, which responds to spoken queries and forms the backbone of R3-14. He developed a python library, SiriControl, to allow Siri voice commands to be linked to customised actions.

Another feature is a 433MHz RF control, which gives R3-14 the ability to turn lights and home appliances on and off with voice commands through either Siri or Google Assistant. R3-14’s head and on-board camera has automatic face tracking, but can also be controlled through a customised web app.

Sanjeet wanted to create an interactive as well as a human-like and friendly looking robot. He has given R3-14 ‘eyes’ by including fading RGB LEDs, which respond to voice interaction. He originally modelled various designs for his robot after which he progressed to building an aluminium prototype before using 3D-printed PLA parts to create the finished product.

Sanjeet said “Of all the various features, SiriControl is my favourite as I developed it myself, and I was thrilled to open it up for other makers to use, in the wider community. I can ask Siri to control my devices from anywhere in the world!”

More details about R3-14 can be found on YouTube: and on Sanjeet’s blog:

Well done Sanjeet!