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Celebrating 26 years at the Top of the National Sixth Form College Performance Tables!

15 Feb 2019
Hills Road Sixth Form College continues to head the sixth form college A level tables for 'points per entry', as it has since their inception in 1992-93.

For yet another year, the College’s score of 40.9 exceeded the B grade average score of 40, this level having been achieved only once by another sixth form college.

The College also remain ever-present at the top of the sixth form college ‘facilitating subjects’ table, which is based on the percentage of students achieving at least AAB at A level in at least two of the Russell Group's 'facilitating subjects' (ours being 30%, the next best being 23%).

College Principal, Jo Trump, said “It is an absolutely astonishing achievement for one institution to have held its place at the top of the league tables for 26 years. It says so much about the sustained ethos and high expectations held by everyone connected with this College community over so many years that it’s possible to continue to deliver at such a high level for a quarter of a century.”

“I am so pleased for all the young people behind these statistics who were able to access their first choice progression route with their excellent results and also pleased for the staff who worked with them to achieve those progression goals.”

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