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Hills Road Sixth Form College becomes a Licensed Centre for the Duke of Edinburgh Award

11 Feb 2019
Hills Road Sixth Form College is delighted to announce that it has become a Directly Licensed Centre for the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award.

Hills Road students opt to take the DofE Gold award expedition section when they join the College in Year 12 as the enrichment part of their study programme alongside their A level subjects. There is annually an uptake of 40 students to the DofE Gold award at the College, on entry they are given the opportunity to choose walking or canoeing (offered for the first time in 2019) for the expedition element of the award.

Geology teacher Kevin Jones who is the DofE Manager at the College said, “We take students walking in the Yorkshire Dales in May, to the Lake District in July and to Snowdonia at the end of August for the final part of their walking expedition assessment.”

“For students who opt to take canoeing for the expedition element we are delighted to work with an external DofE approved provider Joy of Adventures.

A group of students who left the College last summer attended a Duke of Edinburgh award ceremony at Huntingdon last month where they received their Gold award.