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Highly Commended for Noah’s short story

23 Mar 2018
Hills Road student Noah Keate has just found out that he has been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the National Flash Fiction Youth Competition organised by the University of Chester and the International Flash Fiction Association (IFFA).

Noah found out about the competition through the College’s Beta Writing Group, a student-run society which meets up on Wednesdays, looking at writing competitions, sharing work, offering feedback and writing exercises.

Noah said “Initially, my idea was going to be for another writing competition, which had a word limit of only 100 words. However, what I wanted to say was longer than that, so thankfully this competition was available.

“I liked the word limit barrier of 360 words and trying to fit my idea into what was allowed.”

Noah’s story is called 'The Mime Artist' and he wrote it from the perspective of a person who frequently watched the same mime artist perform in a public space. One day, the artist performed as a refugee with a child, both seeking shelter and safety. Sadly, due to horrific conditions, the child passed away. After the performance the mime artist was congratulated on such a moving and eye-opening performance, to which he revealed, that no acting had been required.