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A level Art History has been saved!

02 Dec 2016
Hills Road Sixth Form College’s Art department are celebrating the good news today that Pearson have just announced they will be offering A level History of Art from September 2017.

In October exam board AQA announced that they would no longer be offering A level Art History and as they were the only examining board to offer the subject at the time, it meant that, at extremely short notice, schools and colleges were having to announce that they would be unable to offer A level Art History to students from September 2017.

Hills Road Alumna Nerissa Taysom, who studied A level Art History at Hills Road, set up her own petition and managed to get just over 18,000 signatures. She says, in an article she recently wrote about A level Art History being withdrawn, “My voice is a small one amongst the many well-known artists and art historians who have already expressed their doubts and dismay about the decision. But this petition and the reactions it has generated has proved that Art History is about humanity. And surely, whatever our background, we should encourage and embrace that.”

Nerissa who now works as a researcher for a renowned ceramicist and is also researcher for publications and engagement, is a passionate advocate for Art History remaining in the A level curriculum, she also says “To think that a school subject could be so enjoyable was a revelation to me.”

“…I wrote an extended essay on Botticelli’s 'Primavera' and humanism. My bedroom floor was briefly filled with excerpts of Petrarch, postcards of the Medici and a pack of tissues bought in Florence with the faces of 'The Three Graces'. This was the first proper bit of independent research I had done and I loved it.” You can read Nerissa’s full article on the subject here.

Fortunately, Pearson have said that they will be able to offer A level Art History from September 2017.

Head of Art History, Timothy Winn said “The news that A level Art History had been axed came as a complete shock but we are so happy that Pearson have come to the rescue and we very much look forward to being able to continue teaching it in September.”

However, the news has come too late for Art History to be included in the online application forms. Director of Admission, Ian Perry, said: “Prospective Art History students should not be concerned that the subject will be missing from the online application forms. They will be able to choose Art History later through the Hills Road online course confirmation process.”

More information is on the Art History subject webpage