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Old Cantabrigians in World War One

11 Nov 2016
You may not know this but the College is just over a hundred years old, and was founded in 1900 as a so-called High School. The move to our current site took place in 1903 when there were 205 students; that number had probably doubled by 1914. In that year the country went to war in what was going to be called the First World War and immediately Old Boys from the High School began volunteering for Kitchener’s New Army. Many of them never came home.

In 1924 our First World War memorial was dedicated and you can still see it in the old part of the college in the corridor near the Bursary in the main corridor. It records the names of all those who were killed, some 89 students and 3 members of staff. The great majority (80) served in the Army and were killed on the Western Front but Old Cantabrigians served in the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Navy and took part in conflicts all over the world. One of them, John Burgon from Haverhill, was only 16 years old; six were 17 years old and two were 18 years old. The oldest was a mere 36. 

Read more information in this presentation which has been written by Dr Chris Welander, a History teacher at Hills Road Sixth Form College.