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History of the Cantabrigian Rowing Club 1950-2010

21 Jul 2016

The recently published book entitled "History of the Cantabrigian Rowing Club 1950-2010" by Ken Drake is a very detailed review of the first 60 years of this local rowing club. It contains:

About the Bumps

  1. All the Newspaper reports but excluding many of the photographs
  2. All the Bumps Charts specially drawn for this book
  3. All the Printed CRA Town Bumps Programmes for all 4 nights except 11 as well as many others before 1950 on the CD ROM in the back of the book.


Photograph shows the Cantabrigian Rowing Crew in 1961

In addition it contains:-

  1. Many of the Time Race Results and the Winter League Results
  2. A brief history of the CRA
  3. "Ode to the Bumps" by Bill Key, the President of the CRA.
  4. Details of the remarkable bumps history of Mr Bumps (Ron Davies) who rowed in 216 bumping races.

The book is A4 in size, hardback, 2" thick with over 500 pages, beautifully presented and has some 470 illustrations many in colour. It took 7 years to write and is a book which will prove to be an invaluable resource to anyone wishing to look up anything about these events during this period.

 It costs £60, which in fact is only £1 for each year! Copies are available from

Alternatively the book may be inspected and purchased from the Cambridgeshire Collection, Cambridge Central Library which is open from 9.30-5pm Monday and Friday and on the 2nd Saturday in the month from 10am to 5pm.