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Becoming a governor

Becoming a governor is a serious but worthwhile commitment because governors have ultimate responsibility to the government, the community, the staff and the students for the College’s performance as an educational provider and as a business.

A governor’s responsibility is to appoint the Principal and then make sure that he or she is doing the job. We do that by receiving regular reports from the senior management team on all the College’s activities: admissions and enrolments; examination performance and other student successes; student guidance and support; finances; buildings and estates; personnel; risk management; as well as sporting, social and extra-curricular activities. We discuss those reports with senior staff in a series of meetings throughout the year and make sure by questions and discussions that the College is progressing as we think appropriate.

Apart from going to meetings, governors are also able to see what goes on in the College day-to-day by visiting departments, going to concerts, seeing theatre productions, attending open evenings and other activities that make up the life of the College. We get to meet staff and students and hear what they've got to say. What could be more interesting or important than to hear what young people think about issues that concern all of us who live our lives in and around Cambridge?