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Application: Frequently asked questions

Q: How and when do I apply to Hills Road?
A: All students apply on a Cambridge Area 14-19 Partnership (CAP) application form which should reach the College by 30th January 2015. Some students in local partner schools will make their application on-line by the same date, as part of the CAP pilot scheme. Details of our application procedure and admissions policy are on pages 106 and 110 respectively of our prospectus. If you have any further questions about this, please contact Mrs Claire Walker, Admissions Officer, at the College. It is not necessary to decide on your final combination of subjects before applying. Please write down on the application form the range of subjects you would like to discuss at the informal guidance interview. This may be a list of five or more subjects. At interview we will discuss with you your preferred combination of subjects. Please read pages 6-7 of our prospectus for information and advice about choosing your subjects. Virtually any combination of subjects is possible.
Q: Do you select students on the basis of the informal guidance interview?
Q: How many places will be offered this year and when do you make offers?
Q: Where do Hills Road students come from?
Q: What grades will I need to be invited for interview?
Q: What grades will I need in order to be offered a place?
Q: Do I need to have A* estimated grades?
Q: How do you view IGCSE qualifications?
Q: How do you prioritise between ‘in-area’ applicants if Hills Road is oversubscribed?
Q: What happens if I apply, but Hills Road is over-subscribed and I am not offered a place?
Q: Do you still offer some places to students from outside the area?
Q: When will students enrol at the College for courses in 2014?
Q: Are some subjects more likely to be oversubscribed than others?
Q: Do students have to take four AS levels in year 12?
Q: Do all students drop one subject at the end of year 12?
Q: Can I study an AS level subject that I haven’t taken at GCSE?
Q: What advice would you give to students wishing to study Maths and Science subjects at AS/A level?
Q: How does the College view applications from students who have taken applied and/or vocational GCSEs as part of their GCSE programme?
Q: Can I choose any combination of subjects?
Q: I will complete an AS level in year 11. Can I join the A2 course?
Q: What happens if I am offered a place but then don’t get the grades I need?
Q: Can I change my course after I’ve started?
Q: How many enrichment activities can I take and when will these take place?
Q: When will I meet with my tutor?
Q: If needed, would I be able to get extra help with my studies?
Q: Will I be told what to do in my free periods?
Q: Is there any financial assistance available?
Q: Can you offer help with transport and transport costs?
Q: How many students go on to higher education?
Q: I think I want to go to university but I have no idea what I want to study. Will I get some help?
Q: I’m thinking of a gap year. What help and advice is available?
Q: Does the College arrange work experience?
Q: I am worried about fees for university. Is there any information provided about this?