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Adult Education: Frequently asked questions

Q: How soon can I enrol onto a course?
A: You are able to enrol from November for courses starting in the spring term, March for courses starting in the summer term and July for courses starting in the autumn term.
Q: Which level is right for me?
Q: Why do you close some courses?
Q: What is the latest date I can enrol?
Q: I cannot afford to pay for the entire course. Can I pay by instalments?
Q: My company has offered to pay for the course. How do I arrange this?
Q: How will I know if the course is running or not?
Q: I have paid for my course, when will I next hear from you?
Q: What materials do I need to bring to the course?
Q: Will I be able to talk to the tutor who is running the course?
Q: I am not enjoying my course. What can I do?
Q: The course I enrolled on is the wrong level for me. Can I move to another course?
Q: I can no longer attend the course I enrolled onto, can I have a refund?