Support for you


The Adult Education team offers guidance to those enquiring about Adult Education courses. Located near the front entrance, the Adult Education office provides a central point where students can receive the advice they need to make decisions about their learning. If the College cannot provide a course you are looking for you may wish to look at the website which offers information on courses in the local area.

Careers guidance

Students are welcome to use the extensive Careers information section in the main College Library and to discuss their career plans with the College careers advisers.


Students are welcome to register as borrowers. The library offers access to a wide range of print and non-print resources including books, periodicals and DVDs. The library is open to Adult Education students between 14.00 and 16.00 Monday to Thursday, term time only. These opening times are for Adult Education students to borrow or return loans only, and not for study purposes.

As part of the College’s mission to create a safe environment for all students, it is essential that Adult Education students visiting the College before 6.00pm wear a visitors’ badge, collected at the College reception. In addition, Adult Education students must produce their Adult Education Library card when they visit the library.


We are committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities, recognising that a disability can affect people in different ways. We encourage people with disabilities to make relevant staff aware of their needs so that full and appropriate support may be provided.

We are very pleased to have had the opportunity, in partnership with Disabled Go to improve further our support for disabled members of the College community.

Students with disabilities will receive all the support they need to be accommodated properly and fairly.Single Equality Scheme.

Supporting your needs and Safeguarding

The College is keen to ensure that all Adult Education students are given every opportunity to participate fully in their chosen courses within the Adult Education programme. We are all unique and every one of us has particular needs. As a public sector organisation, we have a responsibility for the needs of individuals in the ways that we provide our services to all our learners. The Equality Act of 2010 identified nine particular needs of individuals for which all organisations must have due regard. These are: Age; Disability; Gender reassignment; Marriage and civil partnership; Pregnancy and maternity; Race; Religion and belief; Sex (Gender) and Sexual orientation. Collectively they are known as Protected Characteristics. For more information please see Supporting your needs and Safeguarding.

Adult Education students Code of Conduct

Adult Education students Complaints procedure